Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Happy...It's New Year

So it’s the beginning, roughly a week has passed, New Year, new resolutions, new ideas, new confidence and new hope. That’s all about the New Year isn't it... but most of us have already over the fancy new dreams we thought we would accomplish this year.

What is that motivates us so much to restore the whole thing newly each time something is coming to an end. We live as newborns, talking about me, I had big ideas and big dreams for this new decade but as we understand sooner things are almost the similar, it's just the earth that has revolved not our lives; its bit upsetting, isn't it?

Ok ok, how was the party? last day of the year the last moment of completely diverse decade m sure each one might have given their best shot to have blast... or were you the one sleeping in your bedspread and wondering what's happening, LOL... you surely come from another planet then exactly like me.

My new year hasn't been like a kick-ass as I expected but you know what I don't care because no year or month can change my life, the only thing that can change anything is just me .. It can be any month, year or any instant. I don't need to hang around for my birthday month, a new year or a Monday in that case.

I am sure each one of us can be more happy, more peaceful and contented. We just have to let go of the pieces of baggage. Baggage of expectation, expectation from ourselves, expectation from society and each person that surrounds us... I am sure on the day we all will be free of baggage and be happy being ourselves, I just wish we don't wait too long for that to happen.
Assuming we all are very joyful and delighted I wish you all a very happy New Year. May all your happiness start with you this year.

©Samruddhi Bhalke

Monday, 10 June 2019

Let It Rain…

This lovely climate, the monsoon, I am sure many of you adore rains and equally some of you hate it. everyone has there reasons, I am no one to judge but I personally love rains like crazy this beautiful nature the petrichor and the unceasing rhythm of rainwater showers, the cloudbursts and sparkly lightning just makes me feel more alive, Yes I know I am a little more dramatic than normal humans but that’s the most I love about myself. Being the Sassy Sam... mmm..you might be wondering why am I suddenly chit-chatting about all this.. honestly, I didn't have any topic to put pen on but the gorgeous weather and melodies sound was so motivating that I couldn’t stop myself from writing. I do realize there are thousands of matters which are very important and should be conferred but then at the moment I just wanted to recite myself with these beautiful experience of rain.
No no, I don't want to inscribe an essay on my favorite weather, I have done it better in my past, and surely each one of you has written an essay on this in your childhood. The level of innocence and uprightness we deliver through our writings in childhood is priceless... we would laugh to eternity reading it now... I wonder how blessed were we to have all the treat and luxury as a kid and even now.
We are so lucky and should be so grateful for all this.
     But observing everywhere I feel so bad to dig the reality that so many children around us don’t even get proper food to eat, education, luxury and treats are not even in their list, just having food to fill up their bellies is the most difficult task for them… the season in which we enjoy sitting in our balconies listening to our favorite compositions or holidaying at beautiful destinations, is actually a curse for them …. We all talk about the level of rainfalls, effect on economy, etc. etc. but these underprivileged people who live on streets and small houses their day-to-day survival becomes a problem… I know not everyone is as fortunate as we are so why not make a small move, let us eliminate an unimportant part of our luxury and pass it to be someone’s basic necessity, let's occupy a little less on our escapes this monsoon n do something for these unprivileged persons. I am sure our tiny support can make someone's life slightly easier. Let's make an undertaking to make at least one deprived soul happy this monsoon. Just a small initiative can bring smiles to many faces. :)

©Samruddhi Bhalke

Do let me know your views in the comment section :)

Saturday, 13 April 2019

End –where it starts.

       You’re lucky her friend said… she smiled and moved….

Yes, she is pretty and gorgeous .she worked hard to become the best version of herself … she is bold beautiful and smart ..  she has a lot of friends, people to talk, to party ….
 One fine day she was clubbing with her friends … swaying on the beats… enjoying the music, ambiance …the party was rocking as DJ turned to Bollywood music ..Every person on the go was cheering up and dancing more enthusiastically …. and she suddenly stopped dancing .. she stood straight and looked for something all over the place, she couldn’t find her friend it appeared… something was upsetting her, she couldn’t abide the loud music so she walked out … she went out of the club and sat on an empty chair where the music was not so loud … sloping on the chair she looked around, she realized… everything was new for her … new people… new friends. New look… a new life..  and she was enjoying it,  and that’s what she wanted right? .. she questioned herself? She remained silent for some time … 

she closed her eyes and few things just passed her memory.. she realized this was the time where she met the most temporary people of her life .. people who literally came into her life for a few hours... few days or week and they vanished like they never exist… but every person she met taught a lot about life … every single person was like a new subject … new theory new practical .. she was knowing a lot about this world …. She was getting more powerful.. more strong.. more emotionless… more practical…now she doesn’t cry to herself …

 But sometimes even the stones are tickled if butterflies tease them …the heart which gets frozen with bitter experiences melts somewhere … she felt the melody .. she dared to water that blossom … but nothing more it turned out to be another chapter of her life … a new lesson new learning…
We often say be a better version of yourself …true .. but don’t let these negative powers take your grace off and make you feel deprived .just think  what matters the most, at the end of the day is just you and those 4 people in your life .. your mom your dad your sibling and your best friend, only they are constant .. further everyone will make you your priority or eliminate u from the list according to there preference.  struggling with all the acrimonious experiences of life I have learned little things about life…

Let me share some of them with you:

·         You Cannot Make Everyone Happy  

it's ok to feel bad if you are not able to do anything for someone, but always remember .. you being an individual cannot fulfill everyone's expectations .. it is always important to think about your happiness, it is very important for a healthy living and good mental health.

·         Learn To Say No-

 it's ok if u deny someone's invitation for dinner or a date. it's ok if u don’t feel like going out with your friend. if you don’t wish to do something do not force yourself for that coz then in your mind is counted as a favor you’re doing to that person .. and when that particular person does not do the same for u .. you end up hurting your own feelings. so only say yes when you yourself want to.

·         Keep Minimum Expectations-

 Ok now if I say don’t expect its way to blunt and impossible ratio for humans .. humans are meant to expect .. but mind it that your expectations should be  minimal , for which the other person is not forced to go beyond the line or do something out of the box... on the same hand, I will say if the person is not able to keep even the smallest expectation then you are definitely in a wrong place whether it is your friend, gf/bf or any other relation. the person who does not value you and you should think about it and not put yourself into a toxic relation.

·         Embrace Yourself

We all know this... have heard like 100 times about self-love .. we share quotes and captions and every possible thing virtually to show that we love ourselves but do we really apply it in our real world? Do we really love ourselves, accept ourself.. ? 
                        Honestly, we don’t .. We keep bragging about our broken hearts. how the other person cheated …how others fail to entertain us. How lonely we are… but I ask why? Why do we have that constant need to be loved by someone else.. Why can’t we just love ourselves enough. unknowingly we make our self so crumbly that we always want somebody else to tell us that we can be treasured. No, it is wrong.. it should end. Let’s love ourselves.. let’s not care about what others ruminate about us .. just adore ourselves generously...

I think even by making just a few changes in our life we can really make a lot of difference, we can live a more satisfied and happy life.

 This blog is not just to tell you that life is beautiful but to make myself realize that let’s not waste our precious self on some unimportant people and things around us which can just make us weak, helpless and fragile.. every day of our life is counted it is never going to come back … lets together make a difference in our life .. let's make a new world for ourselves … let's love ourselves to the moon and back .. what you guys think .. can we??

©Samruddhi Bhalke

Friday, 6 July 2018

what is it??

I am depressed or frustrated I am unable to find the reason for this inner aggression where unlikely I am dealing with so much silence and patience... I am not finding myself any answer , it’s been  almost 7 months I am home I haven’t done anything but just eat ,sleep & repeat .. I don’t know what I was thinking I am so much overpowered by my ambitions my dreams I have. I always wanted to be different but being nowhere is just killing me inside , my bed, my laptop  and my phone has become my world these days but it’s the worst I could have imagined for myself .. Being an extrovert person I always wanted to be with new people, make new friends, live a luxurious life... leaving my job I thought was a very good decision though it wasn’t wrong but today when I look at myself I am no better person .. I am losing my confidence, gaining more weight and additionally I decided to put braces which has made my confidence really low... to use up my free time I started watching movies on my laptop  .. Suddenly the dialog from tanu weds manu clicked me and I started laughing...that night I watched both the films... you guys would laugh but I started to have a huge huge, huge, huge crush on R Madhavan (Maddy) I  know that’s stupid but somewhere that role he did reminded me of some one really close  and I admired it.. I don’t know y since then my life was all about r madhvan I could not resist him whatsoever, you won’t believe I watched him for 3 days in  a row .. Even not being a south Indian I watch his Tamil songs movies... Now I know That’s stupid, I just look at him I don’t know why am suddenly so much attracted to him I can’t get him out of my head,, I watched all his interview, I liked all his pictures, msged him on fb insta tweeted him and what not I couldn’t help I have never felt such in my entire life and having a celebrity crush I could never think of anything near to it.. But I am very helpless I couldn’t resist him anyway.
I am realizing this is just an side effect of what I am going through right now... but  once I tackle all my problems , give myself some time I would definitely be a better version of myself , I still look forward for the life I really want to live .. For now I am stuck with r Maddy where he is really very elder to me but really charming. I think I will watch him for some more time... and have added something new to my bucket list... I really want to meet him someday and tell him how unknowingly he impacted my life... Have you guys felt such thing for anyone without reason does share with me …. May be it can help me out .. or you can just think I am crazy :D
Nothing inspired me for very long to put my pen down but I think sharing my life with you people makes me feel very happy and worthy..  Thank you guys.. Lots of love J

©Samruddhi Bhalke

source :- https://int.search.tb.ask.com/search/AJimage.jhtml?&n=784901d0&p2=%5EBYX%5Exdm165%5ES25668%5Ein&pg=AJimage&pn=1&ptb=798EFCE1-5DF8-45CF-8171-DA1C458C759E&qs=&searchfor=r+madhavan+hd&si=ind&ss=sub&st=sb&tpr=sbt&ots=1530898376003&imgs=1p&filter=on&imgDetail=true

Monday, 6 November 2017

Glass of wine

                               Glass of wine

Chuckling at my mother's reaction towards the glass of wine I said, "It's no alcohol maa"
My father continued saying "you should try it doesn't taste bad"

My mother has always been my best friend, she has always tried to keep up with my generation & have always encouraged me for all the posh dreams I have... Her journey from ghunghat to this wine of glass won't have been easy.

I have always shared a special bond with my mother, the long talks we had more like a friend, and the cozy hugs were never enough to define my love for her.

The generation still spoke sometimes to create arguments between us but some tears always dissolved the bitterness within no time and we continued the super cool bond.

As time passed by we came closer she matured into an old soul and I nurtured into a young lassie.

Times were there when I was away from my mother for my edification and my profession. The mid vacations were always so adorable nobody could compare the immense love she gave me when I come home for holiday.

One year planning for my birthday I asserted her to visit the wine yard with family, first, she wasn't a lot happy but I knew she agreed for me, with a lot of excitement we all headed to the winery …my dad and brother ordered some wine and food ... She took her first sip of wine ugggghhhhhh!!! She exclaimed, we all burst into laughter she cursed the idea of preparing something which can taste as wine… Still, she enjoyed the food and ambiance with fervour and lot of celebrations...

Looking at my mother's balance of life she always  maintained I get lot of motivation as she is always ready to learn new things and also ready to teach some important lessons of life ...she is an amazing person, lovable and very generous and also I have time-honored the instability and urge of doing new things from her.

My mother always being my role model I have learned a lot from her she always taught me to be the bigger person, to have compassion for every person, to rise above and to above all, be my own source of strength.

Ever since I was a little girl, for my birthday I would get one special gift from my mom. She would let me choose that one and it could be anything from candy to a headband or a meal at McDonald's.

When I turned 15 I chose a stuffed toy in the shape of a Mexican dressed cucumber that sang a funny song. When my family saw my special gift, they all flipped, and she stood up for me and said, 'She gets to pick whatever she wants, and if she chooses to still be a kid, she will always be my kid!'

I'm 22 now and she still gets me candy, stuffed animals, sticker books, Disney movies and bakes a big chocolate cake with Skittles all over it.

I appreciate how great strength and stand she has which defines her love care and also dignifies her self-worth and self-respect. 

When I was a child my mother was making my lunch one day when a fire erupted on the stove top. My brave mom without giving any thoughts grabbed the flaming pot and ran outside with it. As if that wasn't heroic enough... after the flames were gone, my mom sat in a chair on our porch and told me to stay inside and not to worry.
Her expression seemed a bit strange and she had her body turned away from me, but she was otherwise completely calm and collected. I later found out that she suffered third-degree burns from her elbow to her fingertips on her right arm. She used every bit of strength and willpower she had to hold back tears and screams so that I wouldn't get scared or worried.
I have dedicated this small piece of writing for my lovely mother, just a small involvement, an emblem of my adoration, affection and appreciations for being the world’s best mommy, to tell her that she plays a very important role in my life not only as a mother but as a motivator, a friend and yes she is my hero.

All the small-big sacrifices mothers do for her children are priceless no child in the world, what so ever cannot really pay for her deeds. The selfless love exists only here, it is well said, "A mother is who can take place of others but whose place no one else can take"

With this sweet thought, I think we all are already missing our mothers so just go hug your mother as tight as you can.

©Samruddhi Bhalke

Saturday, 27 May 2017

At least think once…

One evening I was very tired and was returning from the workplace, a signal clogged me.
Exasperated with the crowd climate and dampness I was annoyed. I was waiting the signal to end so that I can reach home early & relax
Suddenly something clear-fell nearby me and it seized my attention... I was stunned way afar... Suddenly all my annoyance, my frustration revolved into guilt. The scene was very upsetting for me as a human being.
Life in my hometown and other cities I just had overheard about the fact of Mumbai but witnessing it was way alarming.
My eyes were stuck to the passageway & my throat was gulped. As the signal was released we moved forward my eyes were still stuck to that view and I kept thinking about it... the evening was restless, something which made me realize that I should be so grateful to God, family, this universe. I lightened a Diya in mandir and thanked God for the wonderful life I have got, I  realized humans can never accomplish satisfaction in their life even after getting everything, greedy nature always asks for more where on the other side what I saw was intolerable.
The view where a baby, two women a teen boy, the old lady the whole families who were staying on streets with no rooftop … yes, it might just be ok to pin your ears but trust me it is so tough to witness.
 The people were completely homeless. I still remember my teacher in my 3 grade once thought us that food, water, shelter are the basic rights and needs of every human being. The teaching was continuously spinning in my head. I discussed this with my friend with whom I was travelling he said rather which really made me contemplate, he declaimed the fact which each one of listens realizes but does not respond he said “ab kisi ke karma Kisi ko to bhugatna hoga, inke hissa koi amir khata hain to ye bhuke beghar sojate hain "so correct so right.. This country is full of selfish heads. Every individual thinks about me and just I, The mistake does not lie at the peak it lies to the bottom. In today’s world, everyone is astonished by such grand and divine facilities people have forgotten to teach their child’s the prominence of caring and sharing. They more concentrate on teaching hygiene hobbies, languages etc. etc. but yes more or less part they have omitted to put the key factor of humanity in their children. isn’t it important that your child should become a good human first … starting from children to friends to colleagues, roommates to everyone around the disease of selfishness has acquired the human blood and the sorrow is that distress is done by this poor people.

source- UPA -govt-reduce2....jpg

©Samruddhi Bhalke

Sunday, 26 March 2017


Screaming and shattering for the urge to make things work my way... my inner self was in dirge for peace but my mind kept the boil heating... my heart and brain was in a gigantic battle to get control over me...

The supremacy of brain trashed the feelings my heart & won the war.... moment passed as I realized ...it was very late to evoke any misgivings...

 My heart managed to mop me up in blame... the starkness of my brain later was a sentence for my heart...my heart was weeping...the insight of whom I lost was undesirable...The annoyance of my brain had made me loose someone i treasured the most .. 

Why? Why can’t I reverse it..? Why can’t I take back what I said, what I did? 

The silence which was spread across me was all of mourning and shame... inside me my heart is weeping in stillness where my mind was filled with ego bitterness and arrogance...

Is it possible? Is it really possible to make things alright? The way we spoil the person whom we care for the most... why can’t we just take a moment to think before we natter or execute? Why can’t we control our rage, aggravation? Each one has right to breathe with their inner peace... before you loose the very precious person take a moment to think and speak... 

Let’s seize a flash to apologize some really important persons in our verve whom we have hurt intentionally or unintentionally...

I am taking an opportunity to be apologetic to all those whom I have hurt in some way!!!!! All want to say is I AM SORRY!!!!!!!!

©Samruddhi Bhalke